Apex for Youth Athletics programs are designed to encourage physical health and well-being through play and team sports. Volunteer coaches and trainers work with our youth in order to explore their interests and athletics skills in sports and fitness activities to foster positive youth development.

Our Athletics program runs in multiple schools in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, and Brooklyn and include Basketball, Yoga, Athletics Clubs such as Running and Volleyball, and the We Run As One Basketball League.

Basketball Program (3rd-8th grade)

Apex’s Basketball Program runs during the school year and is designed to teach the fundamentals of basketball, encourage fitness, and develop teamwork and sportsmanship to youth in 3rd-8th grade.

Yoga Program (3rd-5th grade)

Apex’s Yoga Program runs during the school year and is designed to teach yoga basics and the benefits of mindfulness and self-care for youth in 3rd-5th grade. Youth are encouraged to “play” yoga and experience the benefits of yoga including strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness.

Athletics Clubs (3rd-8th grade)

Apex’s Athletics Clubs run for 8-10 weeks during the school year in order to support youth’s exploration of new sports that may be of interest to them. Athletics clubs serve youth in 3rd-8th grade and currently include Running Club and Volleyball Club.

We Run As One (WRAO) League

We Run As One (WRAO) is a winter and summer basketball league for youth living primarily in the communities of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. WRAO is deeply rooted in the local community. WRAO was created to foster cultural exchange and is provided free to elementary and middle school students. 

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