Programs at Apex

Apex for Youth is a non-profit organization empowering underserved Asian and immigrant youth from low-income families in NYC. Through programming focusing on health and well-being, education, and community engagement, our volunteers support and mentor students of all ages to help them achieve their full potential as confident, college- or career-ready, active members of their community.

Apex currently serves students from pre-K to post-high school in New York City, and we know that support for youth looks different for each child. Our suite of programs begins in elementary school, providing students with structured education, enrichment, and social-emotional activities with trusted adult role models. During middle school and high school, Apex encourages more personalized one-to-one mentoring to build deeper relationships with youth and address their specific personal, educational, and social needs.

At the core of our work is personal relationships. Through participating in Apex’s programs, Apex youth become confident, college and career ready, and poised to give back to their community.

We often survey our youth and volunteers. QuestionPro provides us unmatched features to tailor our surveys to suit different types of audiences, collecting all the insights we need.