College and Career Success

Apex for Youth’s College and Career Success programs are designed to provide all Apex for Youth high school and college students opportunities to explore their interests and options, develop skills, and expand their networks in order to close the academic and professional opportunity gaps Asian American youth face and empower them as they pursue their goals.

College Access Program (11th and 12th grade)

Apex’s College Access Program provides in-depth support for 11th and 12th grade students as they explore their interests and future pathways in preparation for the college application process. Students learn how to identify and communicate their strengths, research and find the best fit colleges, and receive individualized support to navigate barriers they may encounter during all parts of  the college application, financial aid and scholarship search process.

Summer Career Exploration Program (11th and 12th grade, post-secondary)

Apex’s Summer Career Exploration Program supports 11th, 12th, and post-secondary students with immersive, paid internship experiences during the summer so they can explore career pathways of interest to them. Volunteer supervisors work with youth to support their professional development over the course of the internship. 

Post-Secondary Success and Alumni Program

Apex continues to work with our students after they graduate from high school. We provide opportunities for connection with the Apex community, volunteering, and professional and personal development. This includes regular check-ins and care packages while students are in college. 

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