Elementary Enrichment

We work to promote not only academic achievement but also the fostering of greater curiosity and enjoyment of learning. With nearly half of our youth coming from non-English speaking households, we support students throughout the entirety of their academic journey and into their early professional lives.

Read with Apex (K-2nd grade)

Read with Apex aims to foster a love of reading and storytelling among Kindergarten through 2nd grade students in New York City elementary schools through Saturday morning reading clubs. Volunteers engage students in reading age-appropriate material and facilitate discussions around the stories’ main ideas, characters, and other elements of storytelling. The program goal is to explore themes of identity, community, and family to instill a love of learning and confidence in self-expression at an early age.

Elementary Explorers (3rd-5th grade)

3rd through 5th grade students in our Elementary Explorers program engage in hands-on art and science activities (STEAM), such as cooking, digital art, and design, to explore new interests, learn more about AAPI culture, and how to help their community. Volunteers work alongside small groups of students guiding them through activities, games, and field trips as students learn more about themselves, build new friendships, and practice vital skills such as teamwork and problem solving.

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Questions? Email us at: elementary@apexforyouth.org